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Race Meeting - Summary

The meeting is a six race programme conducted at “Wyeera”, 460 Kangaloon Road, east of Bowral. Each financial member is entitled to invite one guest to the race meeting and, subject to availability, may be able to purchase addional passes.

Bookmakers operate at the meeting. The meeting is not covered by the TAB and there are no ATM facilities on site.

Two liquor bars are in operation. All liquor must be purchased from these bars. Due to licencing requirements no other liquor may be brought onto the course. Copy of Liquor Licence can be downloaded here! Alcohol order form can be downloaded here.

Limited catering is available in the form of BBQ stalls, coffee stands, ice-cream stalls, etc but many members and guests choose to bring their own picnic baskets. 

There are no facilities for small children. The Club does not discourage their attendance but advises that parents and/or guardians must supervise them at all times during the day.

If you have not reserved a boot picnic space or will be in a marquee, we recommend you bring some seating and possibly a table and umbrella.

Entry Passes

All financial Members are guaranteed the right to buy 2 entry passes at a discounted rate for each race meeting.

You need to purchase these by downloading and completing the order form / invoice and submitting it before 27th October. After this date you will have to call in to the racecourse to collect passes.

You can indicate on this form if you would like to invite additional guests. The Club is still restricted to a maximum attendance of 7000 and once this is reached, no further passes can be issued. As soon as posible after 30th September, we will confirm availability of additional passes. 







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